Powder-coloured lingerie – why we all wear lingerie in light colours

Each season has its own underwear trends. While we usually prefer classic black or darker hues like navy or emerald green in winter, we also love brighter hues too, depending on our outfit. And delicate powder-coloured lingerie is at the top of our wish list right now! They feature delicate and playful designs and are wonderfully practical to boot. We will let you in on the secret, why investing in powder-coloured lingerie is a good idea.

From delicate beige to pastel pink – a breath of fresh air on your skin

We are completely over the moon with the great variety of powder-coloured lingerie pieces on offer: Lingerie stores beckon with gorgeous beige tones (ROSA FAIA series: Twin in the colour Desert) and delicate rosé hues (Selma in Rosewood). There are light browns and luxurious cream hues, and also some pretty lavender tones or a gorgeous light grey (Antonia in Dusty Grey). The designs cover the whole spectrum from romantic lace to a confident and sporty plain chic. There are pretty balconettes in powder hues, as well as classic underwire bras or trendy bodies (Twin in Desert).

Antonia Lingerie in Dusty Grey

The perfect lingerie for summery outfits

Our new favourites aren’t just ultra feminine – they are also very practical: A powder-coloured bra under a blouse or light-coloured shirt will be practically invisible, because you shouldn’t wear white underwear under white tops. Instead, go for a delicate nude tone. Just like a gorgeous, powder-coloured pair of briefs will be as good as invisible under beige or white trousers. My tip: Choose something with flat or no seams with a perfect fit underneath a close-fitting top. The best choice here will be something without frills like lace or bow-ties. You can, of course, wear those under anything else!

Twin Lingerie in Desert

Powder-colours are always flattering

Black or burgundy can make you look pale if you haven’t had a chance to spray tan yet, while powder hues look beautiful on any skin type. Cream, pastel beige or rosé: The many types of bras and briefs in various shapes are true all-rounders. Every woman can simply choose the type of underwear she prefers. You think a powder-coloured all-over look is boring? How about mixing and matching then! Combine a hot pink bra with a rosé thong or create an exciting look with full-on turquoise and an understated cream hue.

Get creative and find your very own personal lingerie look to freshen up for the cooler months!

Selma Lingerie in Rosewood


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Powder-coloured lingerie – why we all wear lingerie in light colours

Powder-coloured lingerie – why we all wear lingerie in light colours

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