Lipoelastic face garment innovation for 2022


We are excited to announce the new unisex style FM01 for surgeries to face, ears and neck will replace FM Extra!  FM01 features stabilisers on the forehead and back of neck to prevent excessive movement.

FM01 for surgeries to face, ears, neck
FM01 for surgeries to face, ears, neck

FM01 is available now in white and one size (adjusted with Velcro fastenings).

Our other Face garments FM and FM Special remain unchanged.

FM for surgeries to face, ears, neck
FM Special for surgeries to face, ears, neck

Our TOP tip for abdominal surgeries

KPad is a Unisex Foam Abdominal Stabilising Pad for Liposuction/Abdominoplasty. Sizes are S/M, L/XL, 2XL/3XL and 4XL/5XL. 

KPad for Liposuction and Abdominoplasty

Lipoelastic is your partner in beauty for the perfect patient outcomes!

For MORE information about products within the Lipoelastic range, please contact Glenda Harris 0455 106 588 or

☎️1300 294 649 📧 👍Supplying medical products to the healthcare market

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