Clements suction pumps have delivered reliable strong vacuum for over 100 years. Their latest range of High performance suction systems deliver the type of performance that clinicians and care providers have come to expect from this established Australian manufacturer.

Clements HiVac and HiFlo suction pumps feature advanced oil-less twin piston pump technology and have been designed for all high suction and high flow applications. Use the HiVac system for surgery and resuscitation.

Use the HiFlo for liposuction. Virtually maintenance free, these units represent the ultimate in affordable and reliable mobile suction.


WHY Clements HiVac and HiFlo?

  • Vacuum up to -98 kPa [-735 mmHg]
  • Flow rate up to 55 litre/minute
  • 3 stage overflow protection
  • Dual scale vacuum indication kPa and mmHg
  • Robust single piece, rotor moulded body
  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean
  • Shatter proof polycarbonate collection canisters
  • Ergonomic trolley design with large wheels
  • Service kits and spare parts available
  • Optional footswitch
  • Adaptable for use with disposable canisters

Clements VacSax

The closed, disposable suction system from VacSax is the ideal choice for all areas and all applications within the hospital.

Available in 1 Litre, 2 Litre, and 3 Litre versions.
With the exception of the cascade version, each liner has a hydrophobic bacterial shut off valve located in the cap for complete overflow protection.
The unique bag design means they are supplied folded for maximum storage, automatic inflation when attached to the vacuum, and integral carry handles for safe transfer and removal of waste.
Available as stand alone, or as part of a cascade system, the VacSax Advance range of liners come in 1 Litre, 2 Litre, or 3 Litre versions

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