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Facelift procedure and recovery

Topically applied silicone gel products can help accelerate healing. A silicone barrier blocks out bacteria but holds in helpful moisture, creating a microenvironment where the skin heals more fully, with less scarring. NewGel+E and NewGel+UV (with a SPF 30 mineral sunscreen to help prevent scar hyperpigmentation and discolouring due to the sun’s harmful UV rays) are undetectable

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Let’s talk wire free bras …

Non-Wired bras, once the only choice available to women, lost their popularity with the rise of the underwire which was largely promoted as having a better shape, offered more support, and generally had a more fashionable and attractive look. Apart from a loyal set of traditional customers, it seemed no one wanted a non-wired bra.

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Compression garments by Lipoelastic

All you need to know about compression garments after surgery

High-quality compression garments should be an essential part of post-operative aftercare. Compression therapy helps speed up the healing process, minimises swelling and bruising, and helps prevent the formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Why is it important to have at least two post-operative compression garments? It is recommended to wear compression continuously for 6-8 weeks

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Anita Care NEW styles NOW stocked!

5782X Orely (Page 16 of catalogue) has been receiving rave reviews, and we’re pleased to advise we now stock this style here in both Black and White.  Orely features cotton pockets in the lower cups, an easy-fit stretch lace in the upper cup and sweet micro-dot fabric.  Sizes are (AU) A-DD 12-20. Matching Briefs 1382

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Lipoelastic face garment innovation for 2022

We are excited to announce the new unisex style FM01 for surgeries to face, ears and neck will replace FM Extra!  FM01 features stabilisers on the forehead and back of neck to prevent excessive movement. FM01 is available now in white and one size (adjusted with Velcro fastenings). Our other Face garments FM and FM

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The reasons some parts of the body scar more easily than others

Scars occur as a result of the body’s natural wound healing process. As you may know, some scars develop differently than others. Some fade into pale lines that are barely visible while others may become discoloured or even raised, leaving you with a painful daily reminder of the incident that caused your skin to scar.

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How does silicone heal scars?

When silicone gel is applied to a scar it spreads as an ultra thin sheet and dries within 4 to 5 minutes due to its self-drying technology. According to a publication in the journal Advances in Wound Care, the advantages of silicon gel include easy administration, even for sensitive skin and in children. It can be

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