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Anita Care What’s New?

Your favourites in new colours! Our beautiful Belvedere 4787X in Deep Blue and Powder Peach (on page 24 of the Care Catalogue) is in stock and has been receiving great reviews. Superb fit and something quite special!  NEW colour #393 Princess Blue (on page 29 of the New Arrivals 11/2022-03/2023 Catalogue) will be available from

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It is sometimes believed that exposing scars to sun may even out the colour of it, reducing the visibility of scars.

Why scars need sun protection

It is sometimes believed that exposing scars to sun may even out the colour of it, reducing the visibility of scars. Sun exposure though, is the absolute last thing that your scars need.

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Rosa Faia by Anita

Rosa Faia’s Timeless Classics

You know them – the timeless classic pieces in our wardrobe we can’t imagine our lives without.  The fail-safe go-to pieces that never let us down. Well, one of them is now ten years old … Anita’s ‘Elouise’ from the Rosa Faia Beachwear collection. This one-piece wonder is always in style, like any true classic.

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How do moisturisers differ from silicone products?

Clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars, NewGel+  is TGA approved in Australia! Moisturisers increase the water (or moisture) content of the skin, whereas silicone-based dressings help to decrease the evaporation of water through the skin and to restore the barrier function of the skin, which can help to reduce scar formation. Our scar

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Anita Care

Robina 5792X PLUS new swimwear samples very soon!

We are excited to share that we are back to full stocks of Robina 5792X in both Desert and Black!  Now among our top-selling styles, Robina 5792X features cotton pockets and a snug-fit stretch neckline, this no-fuss style is available in sizes EU B-D 70-95 (AU B-D 10-20).  New Season Swimsuit range samples will be

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Facelift procedure and recovery

Topically applied silicone gel products can help accelerate healing. A silicone barrier blocks out bacteria but holds in helpful moisture, creating a microenvironment where the skin heals more fully, with less scarring. NewGel+E and NewGel+UV (with a SPF 30 mineral sunscreen to help prevent scar hyperpigmentation and discolouring due to the sun’s harmful UV rays) are undetectable

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Let’s talk wire free bras …

Non-Wired bras, once the only choice available to women, lost their popularity with the rise of the underwire which was largely promoted as having a better shape, offered more support, and generally had a more fashionable and attractive look. Apart from a loyal set of traditional customers, it seemed no one wanted a non-wired bra.

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Compression garments by Lipoelastic

All you need to know about compression garments after surgery

High-quality compression garments should be an essential part of post-operative aftercare. Compression therapy helps speed up the healing process, minimises swelling and bruising, and helps prevent the formation of keloid and hypertrophic scars. Why is it important to have at least two post-operative compression garments? It is recommended to wear compression continuously for 6-8 weeks

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